We're back. 

This year, we'll be posting monthly calendar illustrations from new artists. Free to download and print. Free to shred and destroy. Whatever feels right!

To all future contributors: By the power I've invested in me, I decree a touch of color, collage, mixed media, etc. is allowed. Go wildish. 



SEPTEMBER - Sasha Veryovka

September sun from light of my life Sasha Veryovka ☀️


AUGUST - David Castillo

Blue steel skies ahead. 
More from David @ dvdcstl.com. 



JULY - Michael Tucker & Jack Hatcher 

My brother's art right thou ^ 
Big thanks to Michael and Jack for melding minds on July. 

JulyCalander (1).jpg


JUNE - Marta Fieweger

Time to plan a vacation.
More Marta at mattifie.com


MAY - Lawler Watkins

Lawler broke the idiom!! May came in like a lion this year.


APRIL - Nath Cochran

April meteor showers by Nath "my boomerangs never came back" Cochran. 


MARCH - Emily Draper

My good friend. My rising star. Emily Draper has graced us with the Nevermindful month of March.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 7.26.03 PM.png

FEBRUARY - Deb Levesque (... DEBruary?) 

Feb is Deb. Deb is Fam. 
Deb made Feb very fab with an elephant to help you remember all the things you normally forget. 
Instagram: @dbombs

JANUARY - Anna Tucker

I kicked off the new year with an NYC-inspired January. Couldn't help but add a little color to get you all started.